Thousands of years after Philip and Alexander the Great the name of Macedonia is still live and creates disputes. The trip is a try to be understood the biggest question about Macedonia – the name, the history, the nations, the borders, the cultures, the people.

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and after the end of the Balkan wars, the territory of region Macedonia was divided on three main parts;

  • Vardar Macedonia, included in Serbo-Croatian Kingdom
  • Central or Aegean Macedonia – in Northern Greece
  • Pirin Macedonia – in Southern Bulgaria

The tour crosses the territories of 4 countries – North Macedonia, Greece, Albania and Bulgaria, follows the history of Macedonia from the beginning in the Ancient times to the newest realities and leads tourists trough the biggest mess on the Balkans.

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FROM 550 €


  • 6 DAYS
  • Ancient cities
  • Ancient tombs
  • Modern day cities
  • Roman times sites
  • Religious sites
  • Natural beauties
  • Sea views
  • Cultural sites
  • Local culture


Day 1 – Skopje – arriving and city tour.

macedonia tour skopje

The capital of North Macedonia is absolutely remarkable with its new look. The formal government started a project “Skopje 2014”, aimed at reinforcing the controversial foundations of the country’s origins. Part of the project are all new monuments and statues everywhere in the city, as well as the brand new government buildings with classical ancient look. Overnight in Skopje

Day 2 – Skopje – Bitola – Ohrid

macedonia tour ohrid

On the second day we will cross the countryside and will stop on two ancient sites Stobi and Heraklea Lynkestis, both remains of the ancient Macedonian, Hellenistic and Roman cultures. Last stop for the day is Ohrid, which is included in UNESCO as Natural and Cultural World Heritage site. Laying on the banks of the oldest European lake with same name – Ohrid, the city is fascinated and charmed. City tour and overnight in Ohrid.

Day 3 – Ohrid – Prespa lake – Korçë, Albania

macedonia tour prespalake

Our way from Ohrid to Korçë will be via Prespa lake, which is divided between Macedonia, Albania and Greece. A peaceful countryside, famous with the endless apple orchards and the wild birds around the lake. Last stop for the day is Korçë, Albania, a city with mixed culture and educational center in Albania for centuries. In the late afternoon we will visit the small village Voskopoje, which had very important place into the Balkan history and today is a town-museum with preserved architecture. Overnight in Korçë.

Day 4 – Korçë – Vergina – Pella – Thessaloniki

macedonia tour thessaloniki

This day is for the first great Macedonian kings. We will leave Albania and the first stop in Greece is Vergina, where is the Tomb of Philip II, the great conquer of the Balkans and father of Alexander. The second site for the day is Pella, the capital of the Ancient Macedonian Empire and Birthplace of Philip II and Alexander the Great. The last stop and the overnight in Thessaloniki.

Day 5 – Thessaloniki – Kavala

macedonia tour kavala2

Thessaloniki has always been the capital of region Macedonia, gathering people from all over the European, Asian and African countries as a port and trade center. The city tour includes the most visited sites and the main market streets as well. After the lunch we will continue to Kavala, an amazing city with century old history. Overnight in Kavala.

Day 6 – Kavala – Melnik – Sofia

macedonia tour melnik

On the last day we will cross the border between Greece and Bulgaria and will explore the Bulgarian part of region Macedonia – the Pirin Macedonia. In the smallest part of the devided region we will visit the smallest town in Bulgaria – Melnik. With its preserved architecture, Melnik is a city-museum and is famous with the wine and the sandy pyramids – natural formations unique for Bulgarian landscape. Last stop for the day and the tour is Sofia. Overnight in Sofia.

Date: On request


Group of 2 – 1050 € per person

Group of 4 – 670 € per person

Group of 6 – 560 € per person

Group of 7 – 550 € per person

Price includes:

– Accommodation in 3*, 4* hotels

– Transport with comfortable car/mini-van

– Breakfast

– Bottle of water every day

– Local tour leader and guide along the whole tour

– Sightseeings like described in the programme

– Local guides where is need

– Entrance fees

– 24hrs assistance

– Organisation of the programme

– Travel insurance


Price does not includes:

– Personal expenses

– Optional activities along the tour

– Air tickets to Skopje and from Sofia

– Personal insurance

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