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The coastline of Bulgaria is 354 km long, of which 200 km are sandy beaches. The Black Sea has played an important role since the emergence of the first civilizations, so the entire coastline of the cities are heirs of ancient cultures. Generally in Bulgaria we can divide it north and south. The Balkan, as everywhere, here plays the role of a natural boundary between the two parts.

Black sea, Bulgaria

The northern shores are relatively stony, especially the most northerly. That is where the longest cape – Kaliakra is located. The place is worth visiting not only because of the beautiful scenery but also because of the very well-preserved medieval fortress, located at the very end of the nose. Ask about the interesting legend of Kaliakra. The largest wind farms are close to the nose, and the best windsurfing beach. The rocks in the region are particularly beautiful and are a favorite of photographers from near and far. The area is generally not very popular with foreign tourists, which has preserved it largely authentic. We strongly advise you to spend at least 3-4 days to get to know her. Worth. If you extend the time to 5-7 days, you can safely include Varna, Botanical Park in Balchik, which is a masterpiece, and the Aladzha Rock Monastery near Varna.

The southern part of our coast is sandy with sandy beaches. The water is warmer, the beaches are much larger and filled with tourists. However, here are also places of virgin nature. We highly recommend you to visit Nessebar and Sozopol, two cities with a deep past, and the Ropotamo Nature Reserve where you can watch different bird species.

Unfortunately, the large resorts on our south coast have become synonymous with Sodom and Gomorrah, because of the uncontrollable sale of cheap alcohol everywhere, the countless discos and the unimaginable noise of the endless coupons. If you are not a fan of such entertainment, we recommend you to avoid the resort Sunny Beach.

If you like the campsite, ask us for advice where you can stay to enjoy the tranquility of the wild beauty of the Black Sea.

The waters of the sea are not very salty, and swimming in it can be very dangerous for people who do not know it. It was not accidental that they called it an inhospitable sea in ancient times because of the treacherous currents that are being formed.

From Sofia to Varna, a car travels over 6 and a half hours. From Sofia to Burgas by car is relatively faster because there is a highway linking the two points – less than 4 hours. Large cities have airports that offer regular flights mainly during the summer.