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Buzludzha tour? Oh yes, Buzludzha monument is the best Urbex spot in Bulgaria. And not only..


Buzludzha tour


The history of the place and the monument itself is very long and interesting and we love to share it with our tourists. Although it is not a classical tourist destination, Buzludzha became one of the most popular attraction in SE Europe in the last 4-5 years. Thousands of people cross the world just because of this amazing place. Abandoned for decades, this concrete giant still impressed with its shape and beauty.

The begging was in 70’s when the Bulgarian communist party decided to build the most glorious monument in the country and to dedicate the very first steps of the socialist ideas in Bulgaria. For this reason, they chose the same place, where the first meeting was taken – the peak of Buzludzha near to Kazanlak. Absolutely in their communist style, they blew the top of the peak, filled the hole with tons of concrete and steel and “only” for 10 years built the dreamed “Memorial Home of Bulgarian Communist Party”. So called “Flying dish” was overwhelmed with its size, price and lux. Marbles, carpets, mosaics and not on the last position – the legend about the Red Ruby Stars. The highest tower with the biggest stars, the light from which must’ve been seen from a very long distance.

Buzludzha Spring

Most of the people born before 1980 have their own personal story with Buzludzha. We also have our stories and love to collect more new, and to share later with our tourists. Most of the stories are not only for the monument, but for the whole period of communism and make our tours much more interesting.

Buzdludzha Monument

Due the unclear status of the monument, to whom the property was belonging, Buzludzha was left to the wind and time and was almost destroyed. Time to time the local government was trying to stop the people to get in, but the thrill of the prohibition increased their desire to look into this abandoned masterpiece of the socialist architect and art. So, we were digging holes in the ground, were broking windows, cutting metal fences, doing everything, but never gave up. Until the spring of 2018, when the local government finally decided to stop us and to put police up there on the hill.

The future of this place is more unclear than ever. There are a lot of ideas and projects of renovation of Buzludzha, but since we are in Bulgaria, every last decision is next-to-last. Nobody knows what will be the next step and when we could have the chance to see the beauty of the Buzludzha’s mosaics again.

Buzlidzha Center

Yes, friends, for now the only one chance to see Buzludzha monument is from outside. It still fascinated and extraordinary and its worth, so call us if you want to do this.

Buzludzha tour

The tour to Buzludzha could be combine with some other Urbex spots nearby, which are also interesting – abandoned factories, schools, houses and more.

Also, you can combine Bulzludzha tour with visiting the Rose valley and Kazanlyk region, full of unique Thracian tombs and not only.

You can add also Shipka monument and The Russian church in Shipka, which are connected with the Liberational War from 1878.

The duration of the tour to Buzludzha and some other of the sites around is:

  • Day tour from Sofia to Buzludzha and back – 8-9 hours
  • Day tour from Plovdiv to Buzludzha and back – 6-7 hours
  • Day tour from Veliko Tarnovo to Buzludzha and back – 5-6 hours
  • Day tour from Varna to Buzludzha and back – 8-9 hours


Check our ideas for communist tours around the Balkans or contact us for more information

The tour to Buzludzha is appropriate all seasons and for all ages.

In winter conditions is possible hiking in the snow for 20-30 minutes. Be prepared with appropriate shoes and clotes.