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Best Season: All seasons
Popular Location: Sofia city tours, Rila monastery, Plovdiv, Rose valley, Belogradchik rocks and Magura cave, Buzludzha, Skopje, Nis, Koprivshtitsa, Veliko Tarnovo, Melnik

If your stay in Bulgaria does not allow you to spend more time, one-day tours with the starting point Sofia are the perfect solution for you. Much of our beautiful country can be seen in this way, including some places in Bulgaria’s neighboring countries – Macedonia, Serbia and Greece.


Day tour Rila Monastery and Boyana church

from 50 €

Two UNESCO sites in one day! Only for few hours it is possible to be seen two incredible medieval heritages, symbol of the high developed religious art and architectural schools in Bulgaria.

Plovdiv Bulgaria                                             

Day tour Plovdiv and Bachkovo Monastery

from 40 €

The day tour to Plovdiv as an awesome option to explore something more of Bulgaria and to visit the most beautiful city in our country. If you love the religious places you can combine Plovdiv with the second largest and oldest monastery – Bachkovo.

Buzludzha Bulgaria                  

Day tour to Buzludja monument and Rose Valley

from 40 €

The abandoned monument is situated on the ridge of Stara Planina mountain in the geographic center of Bulgaria. The biggest monument of Bulgarian communist party is one of the famous places in Bulgaria in last 3 years. The place is a favorite destination for photographers and adventurers.

Skopje Macedonia                                            

Day tour to Skopje – the capital of North Macedonia

from 45 €

The capital of Republic of Macedonia is a unique city that, in the most interesting way, combines the new and the old, East and West, the Muslim and the Christian traditions. In the times of the Ottoman Empire, Skopje is a natural center for people inhabiting the southwestern part of the Balkans. Totally preserved the spirit of this time is a small part of the city, better known as the old charshia, which is one of the main attractions of the town.

Day tour to Thessaloniki, Greece

from 60 €

The day tour to Thessaloniki is an great chance to learn more about Macedonia region and the largest city in this part of the Balkans. Thessaloniki is full of History and amazing spots. The day tour includes 3 UNESCO sites from 15 in the city. The history lovers will fall in love in the unique atmosphere and spirit of Macedonian main city, will smell the Aegean wind and become part of the ultimate mixture of people.
We wont forget to taste the delicious local Greek food and to drink coffee in local style on the best coffee spots in Thessaloniki.

Belogradchik Bulgaria

Belogradchik rocks and Magura cave

from 50 €

The tour is small sight behind the curtain of the Greatest Mystery in Bulgaria. The Highlight in the tour are the drawings in Magura Cave, point of disputes about their meaning, age and message. According to the theories of a local guide and researcher there, the drawings in Magura are the very first recorded data of the Human’s knowledge about the Earth and the Universe.

Nis, Serbia

Day tour to Nis Serbia

from 40 €

The town of Nis is very close to Sofia and is extremely convenient for one-day tour. The city has a very ancient history, an important station on the main Roman road “Via Diagonalis”. The city is the 5th largest in Serbia and one of the main industrial centers. . Nish is best known for being the birthplace of Constantine the Great.

Shumen Monument, Bulgaria

Day tour to Shumen Monument and Madara Horesman (UNESCO site)

from 50 €

It is one very interesting tour, which combines URBEX and History sites, but both are connected with the very first steps of the Bulgarian Empire on the present day territory of Bulgaria. The first stop is the amazing monument in Shumen, the heaviest communist one in the World. With its transformers look, the monument is remarkable and must see spot. The second stop is the UNESCO site Madara Horesman, carved in a vertical rock in the beginning of 9th century. The Horesman is the only one and unique, declared as the Symbol of Bulgaria.