Balkan tour of the best communist sites

The tour is organized for the fans of urbex photography and adventures. A very special one, leaded only by non-professional, but the best urbex guides on the Balkans.

30 years after the collapse of communism, monumental majestic monuments and buildings continue to recall this controversial period of our past. Every lesson of history is a good lesson, especially when we have to remember where human stupidity can go in trying to force its foolish ideas forcibly.

Most of the Balkan countries have been ruled for many years by Communist parties trying to build the perfect socialist societies. Today, looking at the distance of the time, a picture of ruins and sometimes a monument, reminding us of the formal ideologies .

Although common communist ideas united us into a political, economic and military bloc, each country had its peculiarities in development, especially in the development of monumental arts.

The tour marks the best and the most impressive spots in Formal Yugoslavia, Albania and Bulgaria and is a dream of the fans of the Brutalist architecture and Art.

Hurry and come with us on this adventure, we catch the last train before the total collapse of this places.

urbex photo tour map2

11 Days

From 880 €


• 11 DAYS


Day 0 – Arriving in Skopje, North Macedonia

Day 1 – Skopje (MK) – Veles– Krushevo

photo tour krushevo

First day will start in the morning from Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia to Krushevo. On the way we will stop few times in some small towns as Veles to see the Memorial Ossuary and in Prilep to see the Tobacco museum. Last stop is the Monument of “Krushevo republic”. Overnight in Krushevo.

Day 2 – Krushevo – Korçë (AL) – Tirana (AL)

urbex photo albania

On the second day we will cross the southern part of Macedonia, using a border pass, which is on Prespa lake and the region is a dream of the photographer, then we will stop for lunch in Korçë, Albania. In the late afternoon we will arrive in Tirana and will have a night photo shooting of the Albanian capital. Overnight in Tirana.

Day 3 – Tirana – Podgorica (MNE)

photo tour tata bridge
Tara Bridge

After the breakfast we will visit Bukart – a museum organized in the Enver Hodzha personal bunker and later we will continue our trip to Montenegro. On the way to there we will see and stop to take pictures of many abandoned bunkers, viaducts and railway structures. Overnight in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro.

Day 4 – Podgorica – Mostar (BIH)

photo tour tara mostar
Mostar, the Partizans semetery memorial

Early in the morning we will go to capture the morning on Tara Bridge. The Bridge is the highest on the Balkans and its amazing. Second stop is Mostar in Bosnia and Hercegovina. The site, which is in our program there is a memorial dedicated of the partisan fights. Overnight in Mostar.

Day 5 – Mostar – Sarajevo (BIH)

urbex photo tour sutjetska

Day 5 will be mostly transfer between Mostar and Sarajevo and time to enjoy and to love the amazing nature of Bosnia and Hercegovina. In the afternoon we will be in Sarajevo and will enjoy the local atmosphere, visiting some of the sites from the program. Overnight in Sarajevo.

Day 6 – Sarajevo

photo tour sarajevo

All day in Sarajevo in order to have enough time to see everything. In the program are included: The Tunel of life, the abandoned Olympic games sites in Sarajevo, the graveyard on a Soccer field, the Latin bridge – the site of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by Gavrilo Princip in 1914, which became casus belli of World War I. Overnight in Sarajevo.

Day 7 – Sarajevo – Visegrad (BIH) – Mokra Gora (RSB)

photo tour kadinjaca

On this day we will have one great memorial in out program – Sutjeska Memorial Monument and will cross amazing natural and world heritage sites. First stop will be the Memorial and in the afternoon we will stop in Visegrad to take pictures of the Drina’s Bridge, an UNESCO site and to drink coffee lie the locals. Overnight in Mokra Gora – a natural reserve in Serbia with amazing nature and wooden houses.

Day 8 – Mokra Gora – Kragujevac (RSB) – Nis (RSB)

Photo tour kragujevac

Day 9 – Nis – Sofia (BG)

Nis - urbex photo tour

From Nis to Sofia is close, so we will have enough time to visit the abandoned residency of the formal communist leader Todor Zhivkov, the abandoned Train factory and The Bells Monument. Overnight in Sofia.

Day 10 – Sofia – Buzludzha (BG) – Varna (BG)

Photo tour Buzludzha

Tis is the day dedicated for the most beautiful abandoned site in the World – Buzludzha monument (to learn more visit ) In the late evening we will be in Varna just on time for the sunset over the Monument of the Soviet Army in the city. Overnight in Varna

Day 11 – Varna – Shumen – Sofia

Urbex photo tour shumen monument

On the way back to Sofia, we will stop in Shumen on the remarkable Monument “Founders of the Bulgarian State”.

Overnight in Sofia



  1. The residency of the formal communist leader Todor Zhivkov
  2. Buzludzha monument – the biggest communist monument on the Balkans
  3. Underground military hospital – on request
  4. Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument


  1. The Central Post Office Skopje
  2. Monument of “Krushevo republic”
  3. Veles Memorial Ossuary


  1. Abandoned Olympic games sites in Sarajevo
  2. The “Tunnel of life” in Sarajevo
  3. Partisan Memorial Cemetery in Mostar
  4. The Battle of Sutjeska Memorial Monument Complex in the Valley of Heroes


  1. Thousands of bunkers everywhere in Albania
  2. Abandoned railway structures, viaducts and stations
  3. Enver Hodzha personal bunker
  4. Spy museum in Tirana


  1. Bubanj Memorial Park, “The Three Fists”
  2. Memorial Park October in Kragujevac
  3. Kadinjača Memorial Complex
  4. Museum of Communism in Belgrade

Date: On request


Group of 2 – 1680 € per person

Group of 4 – 1120 € per person

Group of 6 – 920 € per person

Group of 7 – 880 € per person

Price includes:

– Accommodation in 3* hotels and family guest hoses

– Transport with comfortable car/mini-van

– Breakfast

– Bottle of water every day

– Local tour leader and guide along the whole tour

– Sightseeings like described in the programme

– Local guides where is need

– Entrance fees

– 24hrs assistance

– Organisation of the programme

– Travel insurance


Price does not includes:

– Personal expenses

– Optional activities along the tour

– Air tickets

– Personal insurance