In many countries around the world, the graffiti are forbidden or unwanted, but here they are part of our lives. During Communism, everywhere we were surrounded by propaganda graffiti, most of them glorified the power of the Communist Party and its courageous soldgers – the workers. From every ugly gray block we were watched by the eyes of another brave and self-confident worker who looked with faith further to our bright future. Another favorite theme of graffiti was the ads of the local factories, which produced from matches to tanks.

In the years following the fall of communism, freedom brought the right to vote, and the graffiti were more of an expression of this freedom of speech. Often these were the most common Vandal inscriptions, such as Death of Communism, die of pigs and etc.

Graffiti on the Balkans has become art in recent years. The artists are already bright and highly sought after to decorate the facades of different buildings. Festivals and concerts are organized, after which the streets of towns and villages shine with new beautiful paintings.

Each country of the Balkans has its own style but also a common theme.

If graffiti are your passion, ask for our Sofia graffiti tour or walk to the village of Staro Chelezare, famous for its graffiti outdoor gallery.

Check out some of the most beautiful graffiti on the Balkans in recent years.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria

Graffiti on the Balkans

Mostar, Bosna and Hercegovina

North Mitrovica, Kosovo


Sofia, Bulgaria

Sarajevo, Bosna and Hercegovina

Metelkova city – autonomous cultural center, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Public WC, Staro Ghelezare village, Bulgaria

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