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Best Seasons:
June, July, August, September
Popular Location:
Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo

We love the mountain just like you. We will even confess that we are pretty crazy about this topic. In Bulgaria and in the other Balkan countries, the mountains are not only a part of the nature but also of the culture. They are in the legends, in the songs, in our very identity. For them, we think as for living people, each with its history and place in the hearts of people.
Protecting us, inspiring us, giving us strength and energy. These are the mountains for us. Our everlasting and big green heart.
Some of the most respected people in Bulgaria are those who know the mountains well. Mountain guides are not only good professionals but also incredibly good and calm people. We work with young, energetic and living for and among the nature people. Their excellent knowledge of the mountains throughout the region makes them one of the best.
Each hiking tour is organized after careful consideration of the tourist’s abilities and the specifics of the mountain. In the different geographic areas of the peninsula the climate and the morphology of the rocks are different, which determines the specific approach to each tour.
Be sure the advice you receive from us will be highly professional and best for you.
Do not do hiking in mountains unknown for you without a mountain guide! Non guided hiking is illegal in most Balkan countries due to a real danger to your life and health!

1. Musala – 2925 m / 9596 ft – Rila, Bulgaria
2. Olympus – 2917 m / 9570 ft – Olympus, Greece
3. Vihren – 2915 m / 9564 ft – Pirin, Bulgaria
4. Polezhan – 2851 m / 9354 ft – Pirin, Bulgaria
5. Kamenitza – 2822 m / 9259 ft – Pirin, Bulgaria
6. Korab – 2751 m / 9026 ft – Korab, Macedonia/Albania
7. Titov Vrh – 2748 m / 9016 ft – Šar, Macedonia
8. Goljam Kupen – 2731 m / 8960 ft – Pirin, Bulgaria
9. Maljovica – 2729 m / 8953 ft – Rila, Bulgaria
10. Mala Korapska Vrata – 2727 m / 8945 ft – Korab, Macedonia/Albania