General Terms:

1. You can book a tour using contact form on our website or send us e-mail to
2. To confirm your booking and keep a date for your tour we need a deposit of minimum 20% of the total amount. The deposit is due to be paid up to 5 working days after you book a tour. After that period your booking will be automatically cancelled.
3. Bookings which are not confirmed will be cancelled automatically in order to free the dates for other clients.

Age restrictions:

4. There are no age restrictions, but every place has a specific conditions, so that’s why we will ask for your age and physical condition, in order to offer you the best for you.


5. We are not responsible for tours changes caused by force majeure.
6. We are not responsible if the client is returned by the border authorities for invalid personal documents (ID card, passport) or when sanctioned for breaking the local laws.
7. The guides are responsible for the client’s safety and have the right to return the client at any time and place if they decide that the client’s health and life are endangered. If that being the case we and our guides are not responsible for any actions and events that result from not following the guide’s instructions and decisions.

Changes to the tours:

8. We reserve the right to make changes to the tours if circumstances and events not in our control make us do so. In case of such changes the clients will be timely informed so that they can: accept the changes; choose another date or tour; cancel their booking at no cost for the client.

9. We reserve the right to cancel certain dates from the calendar if the weather conditions are bad and there is risk for the clients’ life. In that case the clients will be timely informed and will have the option to choose another tour, another date for the same tour or to cancel their booking at no cost for them.

Cancellations and conditions for returning a paid deposit:

10.The deposit will be fully refunded to the client if the client cancels his booking at least a 3 weeks before the tour’s start date.
11. When refunding you the deposit for your cancellation we will withhold the expenses for the bank transfer.