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Best Season: All seasons
Popular Location: Rila Mountain, Rose valley, Black sea coast, Rhodope mountain, The Balkan

Location: Southeastern Balkans

Capital: Sofia

Population: 7 364 570

Language: Bulgarian

Religion: Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Currency: Bulgarian Lev BGN – 1BGN= 0.51 Euro 1BGN= 0.61 USD

Climate: Humid continental climate.

Welcome to Bulgaria

The land of magical beauty and energy

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Bulgaria and the Bulgarian lands are proud bearers of ancient history and culture. Today’s Bulgarians are the heirs of the first European Neolithic culture, the ancient Thracian culture and the Bulgarian-Slavic medieval culture. The name of our country has not been changed for millennia and we are proud to continue to call ourselves Bulgarians. The first nation state in Europe, the first independent Slavic church, the first state to use its own alphabet – the Cyrillic as an official language in the church and the state.

All the vicissitudes of fate have spoiled us as strong people, respecting their past, worshiping the cause of their ancestors and working hard for the future of our children.

Apart from our history, we are proud of our nature as well. For us Bulgaria is a piece of paradise and we love our land more than anything. We love to show the beauty of our country, often with unprecedented admiration, and we believe that there is no more beautiful place in the world than our country. There are countless places that are worth seeing, thats why is so difficult for us to put them together in a brief description. For us are equally beautiful as our mountains and beaches, as well as the valleys and the small villages, the big cities, the mountain lakes and the fertile fields.

If you love mountains and beautiful views, we strongly recommend visiting one of our over 30 mountains. Each one brings a different fascination. The highest is Rila, with the highest peak in Southeast Europe – Musala 2992 m. Then is Pirin, the second highest, follows the Rhodope Mountain – the most extensive and the most mystical, Stara Planina (the Balkan) – the spine of Bulgaria and offcourse Vitosha mountain – the guardian of Sofia. Each of these great mountains is worth at least 3-5 days to be seen and felt, but keep in mind that the hiking in our mountains is not easy at all and not every season is appropriate for that. The most appropriate is summer after the beginning of June until the end of September. In our blog you can read more about the Rila Lakes, the Magic of the Rhodope Mountains and the Balkan routes.

The possibilities are countless. Check out the articles below to learn more about the places that are worth visiting.

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Balkan mountain, Bulgaria

    The Balkan

    Stara Planina or, as it is known, the Balkan is the longest mountain in the region with a length of over 500 km. It passes through the whole territory of Bulgaria and reaches the Black Sea. It is a natural barrier between the north and south of the country and is the first high mountain that stops distant northern winds. In order to facilitate the transition from Bulgaria to Bulgaria, dozens of passages pass through the mountain. In winter conditions, mountain passes all over Bulgaria should pass with increased attention, so keep in mind if you decide to visit Bulgaria in the winter. For us the Bulgarians, the Balkans also have a specific place in our lives. He is the protector, the proud guard who protects us from enemies.

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    Rhodope mountain, Bulgaria

      Rhodope mountain

      Countless of spectacular views, deep caves, beautiful lakes and most important, the kindnest people ever! As the poet said, there is no one to encompass the Rhodope at a glance. … gather it in your heart and look at it – but you must have an eagle’s heart. You can not see the Rhodope with your eyes, you have to see it with your heart.

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      Black sea, Bulgaria

        Black sea coast

        The coastline of Bulgaria is 354 km long, of which 200 km are sandy beaches. The Black Sea has played an important role since the emergence of the first civilizations, so the entire coastline of the cities are heirs of ancient cultures. Generally in Bulgaria we can divide it north and south. The Balkan, as everywhere, here plays the role of a natural boundary between the two parts.

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        Rose valley, Bulgaria

          Rose valley

          The Rose valley is situated in the heart of Bulgaria and is one of the most visited places. The valley is beautiful and colorful not only because of the roses, but also because of the lavender, sunflower and the various fruit trees grown there.

          Besides the rose, which is a symbol of Bulgaria, the valley is also famous for its ancient heritage left by the first European culture – that of the Thracians. The most beautiful Thracian tomb, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is located in the town of Kazanlak. Several other tombs surround the city, and the capital of the Great Odrissian Kingdom is submerged under the waters of the city lake.

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          Rila Bulgaria

            Rila mountain

            Rila Mountain is located in southwest Bulgaria, about 1 hour drive from Sofia. The highest and significant in size, Rila is one of the most beautiful mountains in Europe. For us, the Bulgarians are special because of three things:Mount Musala – the highest in southeast Europe.

            The Seven Rila’s lakes – the most beautiful place in Bulgaria.

            Rila Monastery – the oldest Bulgarian monastery.

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