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Private Tours Kosovo

Location: Central Balkans

Capital: Prishtine

Population: 1 907 592

Language: Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian, Turkish, Gorani, Romani

Religion: Islam 96%

Currency: Euro

Climate: Humid continental climate


Kosovo is the youngest country in the Balkans. Not yet fully recognized by the international community and Serbia, Kosovo is struggling to earn its place among modern European countries. The majority of the population is ethnic Albanians. Despite the many spoken languages and dialects, the Albanian dominates. In addition to being the youngest in terms of independence, Kosovo is also the youngest as a population. Extremely high fertility rates put it at the forefront in Europe. There are almost no families in which there are less than 3 children. A large proportion of Kosovo Albanians work in Western Europe. That is due to the weak economy and the complex political environment.

Private Tours Kosovo

Private Tours Kosovo


On Kosovo’s territory are the oldest Serbian religious centers and important historical sites associated with the establishment of Serbia as an independent state. This fact raises the Serb’s continued claims to Kosovo’s independence. Remember that very often Serb border guards are extremely hostile to people crossing the border between Kosovo and Serbia. Have one in mind! At the moment, the situation is calm, mostly because almost no ethnic Serbs remained in the country. Quite naturally, most families chose to leave their native country, fleeing the war.

Apart from the capital Pristina, the cities of Prizren and Pec, as well as several medieval Serbian monasteries, can be visited in Kosovo. Do not expect to be fascinated by the situation and architecture in Kosovo, but still the adventure is worth it. The people are nice, the food is delicious and the nature in the mountains is beautiful.




A full private tour of Kosovo can take between 3-4 days, and as part of a Balkan tour, the capital of Pristina is visited for 1 day.