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Rhodope mountain is a magical place and there is no doubt that you will fall in love from first sigh. The unique rodopian culture created universal musicians like the legendary Orpheus and our bigest proud – Valya Balkanska, who sang the famouse song Izlel e Delyo Haidutin and this song left the Solar system in the summer of 2017 on the board of spacecraft Voyager.

Countless of spectacular views, deep caves, beautiful lakes and most important, the kindnest people ever! As the poet said, there is no one to encompass the Rhodope at a glance. … gather it in your heart and look at it – but you must have an eagle’s heart. You can not see the Rhodope with your eyes, you have to see it with your heart.

Rhodope offers dozens of routes for lovers of pure nature and living traditions. If you like caves and rock formations, we strongly recommend visiting the western Rhodopes and the caves Devil’s Throat, Yagodinska and the picturesque Trigrad canyon. Some of the most beautiful mountain dams are also located here. For lovers of landscape photography the Rhodope Mountains are a paradise with countless beautiful scenery.

Of course, people are the most important, and here they are extremely kind and open. They will welcome you as an old friend, will charm you with their music and warmth.

Rhodope mountain, Bulgaria

Because the mountain is quite large, you can reach different parts of it for a different time. One-day tours in the Rhodope Mountains are best suited for those staying in Plovdiv and the region. If you plan to leave Sofia, you will need at least 2-3 days. It is worth spending even more days, even more so that tourism in the Rhodopes is highly developed and everywhere you can find good hotels and restaurants.