Before you begin your adventure in the Central and Western Balkans, let’s give you some valuable practical tips about Balkans.

  1. Select the season.

Here we still have 4 seasons in the Balkans. Winter in some places, especially in mountain regions, can be a very serious challenge. Winds, low temperatures, high humidity, but mostly difficult access roads. There are still many mountain regions in the Balkans that are the same as 100 years ago. Nature is intact, people live according to their millennial traditions, but no matter how interesting it sounds, these places are not suitable for winter. Besides, if you’re not ready for really great adventures, including risky driving, road accidents, walking in the snow up to your knees for hours … Yes, I know, I’ve already tempt you. 😊 Anyway, summer and autumn are the most suitable for rural mountain tourism.

In spring, everything here is green, while flowering flowers and trees make the landscape as a postcard. The rain in the spring for short and not very cold and rarely can affect the good mood.

More practical tips about Balkans

Summer is hot. Everywhere. There are places that are unbearably hot like Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for example, where temperatures are often about 40 degrees Celsius (104 F), But the good news is that these high temperatures are not accompanied by high humidity and are tolerable. The evenings are fresh cool, therefore we are the most productive after 7 pm in the summer. Especially if it is for food, parties and hanging out in the parks. In the summer it is not as green as in the spring, but you can enjoy the views of the endless sunflower fields in Bulgaria or the deep blue color of the Ionian Sea in Albania.

Autumn is colorful and indescribably beautiful. Forests and mountains have different colors, and sunsets are a dream for every photographer.

  1. Choose your type of tourism.

Cultural tourism in the Balkans offers a walk in the past, starting more than 10,000 years ago. Europe’s first agricultural crops are born here, and we are direct heirs of these people. In our still alive traditions interweave different eras, religions and legends. A large part of the tours we offer are wonderful examples of cultural tourism

Adventure tourism– for all who want to bring a great deal of adrenaline into their lives. We offer a variety of adventure tourism options, suitable for different ages, tastes and skills. From one-day adventures close to the city where you are staying, to multi-day tours with combined adventures. We rely on the individual, so our suggestions are different in appearance and extreme. Just choose and write us.

Urbex tourism – Almost everywhere in the Balkans, with few exceptions, the Communist regime has left its mark. Combined with poor conservation of other different old buildings, the situation is a paradise for lovers of Urbex adventures.

All in one. Of course, you can combine all this into an unforgettable Balkan adventure that you will remember for a lifetime.

  1. Select the starting point of your tour.What makes us so good is our ability to start your tour from anywhere in the Balkans. Sofia, Belgrade, Zagreb and Bucharest are good decisions, as airports are large, international and operate with the leading airlines. We will welcome you to the airport, which is most convenient for you.
  2. Check whether you need visas for some of the countries you want to visit.Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia and Greece are members of the European Union. The rest of the Balkan countries are not yet, which makes them somewhat more complicated, as each of them has its own different laws. The situation of Kosovo is particularly important, as it is not yet fully recognized as an independent state in the rest of the world.
  3. Be prepared to have cash.Although almost everywhere you can pay by card, note that American Express does not operate with all the banks in the region. Visa and MasterCard are accepted everywhere. In low-populated regions, however, it is difficult to find an ATM or pay with a card, so it is good to have money with you. If you have not exchanged money in local currency, the euro could be ok. US dollars too, but much harder. In general, each country has its own national currency and only payments with the currency are accepted by law.
  4. Do not forget about the distances.Here on the Balkans roads are not the best and the fastest in the world. Although there are highways and new ones are being built, many of the interesting sites are far from the main roads. This means many hours of driving on narrow mountain roads. Trust us and we will design your tour, according our excellent knowledge about the region, the traffic on the roads and the way of driving of the locals.
  5. Do not expect to find the food and coffee you are used with.There are still cities and even countries that do not yet have the world-famous fast food chains. The food is Balkan. In most cases it means that it is delicious, organic and locally produced. If you are vegetarian in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, it will be a bit difficult, but not impossible. Coffee is espresso or Turkish. Most foreigners remain fascinated by local food, so do not worry too much.
  1. Prepare for close encounters with people who will charm you with their kindness. The people here are nice and smiling with the guests. It is quite normal for someone to stop you and speak to you on the street to tell you how much your Western culture respects, for example. Yes, we recognize people who are not from the Balkans. Do not take it as strange, but just assume that our character and traditions are different.

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